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Chief Innovation Officer

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Chief Operations Officer


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We’re a close-knit group of family and friends who are very proud to introduce you to The Hair Forge, LLC. Our journey as a multi-cultural family, and male and female entrepreneurs is guided by our determination, passion, and commitment to The Hair Forge and its values of inclusion, authenticity, and connection.

The idea for our business came about when my sons asked me about what they could do for their hair, both for choices of style and functionality as they wanted it off of their faces sometimes, but they didn’t want just simple elastics or headbands. Rider, Max, and I did a quick online search and discovered that there was nothing out there for men that fit what my sons wanted, so we got right to work. Rider has had a successful background in retail sales management and Max is currently in a local community college studying for an Associate’s Degree in Small Business Entrepreneurship at the Madison Area Technical College.

They’re both stoked to get to apply their learnings in building The Hair Forge. We invited their cousin/my nephew, Jeremiah, to be a part of this venture and he currently models for The Hair Forge part time.

I, Tracy/Mom, currently serve as the CEO as I lead these amazing young men in shaping the vision for our company by selecting product for our consideration along with establishing branding, sourcing, marketing, funding, and community building.

Robert is my husband,  and Rider and Max’s Dad. Along with all of those roles that he absolutely rocks, he’s also an award-winning photographer, videographer, and editor who applies his multitudinous mad skills to The Hair Forge’s creative services needs. Heidi Crull is a friend of mine from waaaay back in the day who is a hair stylist and the owner of The Schoolhouse Salon. The Hair Forge is ridiculously lucky to have her and her unquenchable fiery spirit and unbridled creativity at the helm of the hair care and styling division of this venture. And the inimitable Shelli Taylor, rower, wanderer, bestie o’mine and Mom to a badass teenager, brings her formidable experience in business to her role as Advisor to us. We just KNOW we’re at the start of something great with The Hair Forge, good people. We have the fire and we hope all of you will help us forge something amazing!!!

The Hair Forge is on a dedicated mission to demolish convention to express the style and authenticity of the modern man expanding the idea of what masculinity means. Our core purpose is to empower men to embrace their unique style and authentic selves, transcending the boundaries that have confined them for far too long. In a world filled with predefined notions of what it means to be a man, The Hair Forge is here to revolutionize the status quo. We believe that masculinity is not a one-size-fits-all concept but a dynamic, ever-evolving expression of individuality. Our aim is to break free from the constraints of convention, encouraging men to explore and celebrate the diverse facets of their identity.